Residential Services

Residential Services

Does your family work, learn, play, entertain, or relax using technology? If so, then turn to Bergen IT for your home tech support and Smart Home needs.

We recommend, design, and install:

  • indoor and outdoor TVs
  • music systems
  • home theaters
  • home offices
  • computers & printers
  • wired and wireless networking
  • Wi-Fi camera security systems
  • Smart home tools and services
We are highly experienced, and independent of the product makers and sellers. Our equipment and service recommendations are based on what you like to watch, listen to, enjoy, need, and your budget.

Ready to Make Your Home Smarter?

Tech is an important part of home life today.

Computers, TVs, remotes, home theaters, audio systems, surround sound, Wi-Fi, streaming entertainment, gaming, voice-activated assistants, smart home appliances, lighting, heating. The list is endless.

Whether you’re playing, shopping, watching, listening, learning, or surfing, you want the right technology for you at the right price. And then you want it to function with a minimum of downtime and frustration.

Bergen IT provides tech equipment recommendations, installation, configuration, training, data transfer, automated backup, and on-site or remote support.

Consider These Home Tech & Smart Home Questions:

  • Are you moving into or renovating a home and need tech equipment set up?
  • Does video stream poorly on your TV or computer?
  • Do you need to ensure that online classes or meetings are not disrupted?
  • Is gaming or stock trading on your computer important?
  • Do you regularly listen to music? Watch movies or sports? Want a more immersive experience?
  • Would home theater or surround sound make you happy?
  • Do you have challenges using some of your current home technology?
  • Do you have an old sound system that needs replacing but still love your vintage speakers?
  • Wondering if Sonos is right for you?
  • Do you have multiple family room remotes – and want to throw them through the window?
  • Are you interested in home security products like indoor & outdoor cameras, and video doorbells?

If you have questions, we have smart answers.

How We Can Help

If you’re:

  • moving to a new home
  • renovating an existing home
  • looking to strengthen your Wi-Fi
  • ready to replace your old audio and TV equipment
  • helping a senior remain at home and age in place
  • looking for training on how to use your home tech

Talk to us.
We’ll listen to your needs, provide clear solutions using language that you understand (No Geek Speak!), and then do the installation and configuration of the gear. Once everything is set up, we’ll train you on how to use the equipment.

Let us make your Audio, TV, and Smart Home experience happy, seamless, and memorable.

Work from Home…or Anywhere

If you’re working from home or on the road, your tech equipment needs to function safely, efficiently, and well.

It is critical that your clients, your business, and your family are protected from hackers, ransomware, and cybercriminals.

Bergen IT provides Work from Anywhere tech support to businesses that are partly or fully virtual. Employees can be in New Jersey, New York, throughout the country, or across the world.

We take seriously the work you do. The data you possess = the lifeblood of your business. The risks of cybercrime are big and real. Any home office must have cybersecurity safeguards in place. Anyone working in a public location needs to have their equipment and data protected.

You are responsible for the data of the business, and of your clients.

Bergen IT delivers:

  • strong email protection
  • 24/7 enterprise-level anti-virus and anti-malware
  • continuous automated data backup
  • business class computer set-up and monitoring
  • synchronization of email and software across multiple workstations and devices
  • secure document sharing options
  • Firewall implementations
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Strong Wi-Fi
  • Much more
Bergen IT will make your ability to work seamless and safe – whether you’re in a traditional office, your home office, on a business trip, or at your vacation home.

Find out whether our We Protect Plan is right for your business.

We want to be your trusted tech partner. Contact Us now.

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Bergen IT offers award-winning, high-quality tech services to commercial and residential customers in the northern NJ and NYC areas. Our focus is on ensuring that our clients prosper and grow using technology safely, securely, and productively.


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