Residential Tech: Case Studies

Wi-Fi Issues in the Home

A couple in their late 60s were having Wi-Fi issues. They also were interested in cutting the cable cord. Bergen IT upgraded them to a mesh Wi-Fi system. We provided the equipment recommendation, and then did the installation. The result was excellent Wi-Fi throughout the house, which was essential for wireless streaming to their TVs. We also took down old TVs that had been wall mounted, and replaced them with new Smart TVs. And we configured all the TVs for streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon prime, and Disney + and more.

Bringing Beautiful Music Back into a Home

A family moved into a house a few years ago and knew that speakers were in the walls and ceilings of multiple rooms in the house. But they didn’t know: how to connect them; if the speakers even worked; and which wires led to the various rooms. We did an assessment, resolved the cabling mysteries, labelled all the wires, set up a mesh Wi-Fi system as well as a Sonos multi-room audio system. We also added audio to their outdoor porch.

Home Theater Set-Up

A family wanted a home theater set-up, but also had limited space in their entertainment room. We used an 83-inch TV instead of a projector & screen to maximize the experience. A surround sound system was then set up along with a universal remote for easy control of the entire system.

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Home Office Security

A lawyer needed to be sure that her home office was set up properly. The Wi-Fi had to be consistent and reliable and her computer secure. Her connection could not be interrupted during court proceedings, no matter the time of day. We installed mesh Wi-Fi so that her children could do schoolwork or stream video while she was in virtual meetings, and ratched up the tech security on her computer to prevent accidental or deliberate intrusions. She is on Bergen IT’s We Protect Plan.

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