Ridgewood, NJ Country Club

It’s October, and there’s a buzzing sound here in northern New Jersey.

The sound of bees? No, the sound of electric saws cutting through downed trees.

Yesterday afternoon saw the first of what could be many unpredictable storms this year. The clouds came, the wind whipped up, and then suddenly there was torrential rain.

It didn’t last long. But the result was a loss of power for approximately 10,000 customers around New Jersey. PSE&G reported that about 4,500 customers were without power Monday evening in Bergen and Essex counties.

The Ridgewood, NJ country club alone reported over 50 trees down, and more than 100 with the tops sheared off.

And it all happened in less than a ½ hour.

New Jersey & New York residents are painfully familiar with the consequences of storms. Power out, flooding, building damage, roads closed: these can all have an impact on you, your family, and your business.

In particular, storms can seriously damage the electronic equipment that’s available in your home and business.

Is your technology ready the next time extreme weather comes through? Do you know what steps to take?

Will you be able to get your family and your business back up and running as quickly as possible once the storm recedes?

Will your office data and family memories be preserved if your equipment fails?

Bergen IT has put together a list of “Top Ten Tips to Avoid Storm Disaster and Keep Your Data and Electronic Equipment Safe.”

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