Cell Phone BatteryEver had one of those non-stop days where you suddenly discover that your cell phone is about to die?
If you’re a college student, a business person, a high school student, or just someone who is frequently on the go, then you’ve probably experienced the anxious feeling generated by imminent cell phone shut down.

Portable cell phone chargers could do a lot to relieve your concerns.

Cell phones are revolutionary devices for those on the move. So much can be done using this one little device: everything from playing music, recording lectures, texting and e-mailing to even making or taking phone calls.  Indeed, the world can feel like it’s at your fingertips when you have a cell phone…that is, until the phone is drained of power and goes dark.

Even if a cell phone owner has fully charged their device overnight, it’s not uncommon for power levels to be critically low well before sunset.

Plug-in Phone Chargers are Limited

Many students and business people carry a plug-in cell phone charger with them. This enables them to charge their phone or tablet whenever they have access to a power outlet.  But when was the last time you were in an airport, a coffee shop, on the street, or in a park and realized your battery was low? Finding plug-in access can be challenging. Even if you find an outlet, your time in that location is probably limited. Chargers are rarely plugged in long enough during the day to provide cell phones with  much of a power boost.

On the Go? Get Portable Battery Chargers

The best solution for the person on the go is a battery-powered portable cell phone charger.  You charge this device overnight and carry it with you during the day.  When your cell phone or tablet power drops to 30% or lower, plug it into the battery-powered cell phone charger.  With this device handy, an available power outlet is not necessary, and your cell phone deprivation anxiety can ease.

We advise getting battery-powered portable cell phone chargers that output 3 to 5 amps of power.  Many chargers only output 1.5 amps, which results in very long charge times.  Remember: the higher the output, the faster your phone will recharge.


Top Two Portable Cell Phone Chargers

Here are two recommendations for portable battery cell phone chargers from Bergen IT:

VoltReady Portable 5000mAh Triple Output Power BankBattery Cell Phone Charger - VoltReady

Price: about $40

We like the VoltReady Portable 5000mAh Triple Output Power Bank because of its fair price, high output (5 amps), and flexibility (its compatible with all Android, and most Apple, devices). There are even built-in micro USB cables.  Ironically, battery-powered portable cell phone chargers themselves need to be recharged. But you should get 2 to 3 full charges out of the VoltReady Power Bank before it needs to be refreshed.

Cynphon JumpStart JS-2400

Price: about $30
The Cynphon JumpStart JS-2400 is also high on our list. It’s small – the size of a lipstick tube – and like the VoltReady does a good job of Battery Cell Phone Charger - Cynphon JumpStart JS-2400charging devices quickly.  Although it does not have built-in cables, the Cynphon does come with all the adapters you need to charge any Android or Apple cell phone or tablet.  You should get 1 to 2 full charges out of it before recharging.

There are many other similar charges on the market.  Shop wisely by checking out not only the specs and compatibility, but by researching what users and reviewers actually say about the devices.

VoltReady on Amazon

Cynphon JumpStart on Amazon


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