The world is on edge. Armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine has escalated fears of cyberattacks and reprisals worldwide. The need for increased cybersecurity is real.

Data centers, networks, financial, medical, government, and educational institutions, large and small businesses around the globe are all potential targets of cyberthreats and attacks. It’s widely-recognized that during a precarious time like this exploiting tech security vulnerabilities is a powerful weapon. Many nations and large organizations are shoring up their cybersecurity defenses.

Micro and small businesses must understand they can’t afford magical thinking anymore when it comes to cybersecurity. Cyberattacks that are aimed at nations or large companies sweep in tens of thousands of small businesses, individuals, and computers along the way. It is a mistake to believe that at this critical point in time a small business can simply fly under the radar.

Here are seven important cybersecurity recommendations to implement right now whether you are a small or micro business, an entrepreneur, or simply working on a computer at home.

Tech Cybersecurity Checklist


1) Implement local and cloud backup.

Be sure to use a belt-and-suspenders approach to backup. Having just local or just cloud-based backup isn’t enough. Backup needs to be automated and ongoing. Too often we hear from business and residential clients after something catastrophic has occurred and they discover that a backup hasn’t run in months.

2) Strong antivirus/antimalware software must be in place.

Do you have antivirus/antimalware software running at all? Is it freeware or something basic that came with your computers?  There are levels of antivirus/antimalware protection. Make sure you have business or enterprise-level software. Verify that it’s up-to-date, and that scans are run multiple times during the day. Remember: Macs are not invulnerable. Just like PCs, Macs need strong antivirus/antimalware protection.

3) Check for operating system updates at least weekly.

System updates can be annoying because they sometimes disrupt your work. But operating system updates are critically important. Why? Most updates are security-related, and are in direct response to recognized cyberthreats. Ignoring system updates can imperil your computers and the data they access.

4) Make sure regularly-used programs are up-to-date.

Using a software program like Microsoft Word that hasn’t been updated in a long time is asking for trouble. Again, many cyber-defenses are put into place by software companies as threats emerge. New software program versions and releases are the way that developers are able to help you defend your data.

5) Have solid email protection.

The most common way that small businesses are compromised is through phishing emails. One click on a link by an unsuspecting employee or team member can result in viruses, infections, and malware being spread to many computers and locations. The impact of that errant click on the work and finances of companies large and small — as well as on individuals — can be devastating.

6) Get a computer clean up on a regular basis.

Computers inevitably accumulate adware, spyware, viruses, and malware over time. But many people don’t even realize that their computers may be compromised. The risk is not simply slow computer performance. Accumulated virtual debris is similar to having dry twigs, leaves and tinder building up in a parched forest. One spark – or in this case, one infected email – can set off a conflagration. Cleaning computers regularly – at least quarterly is recommended – will ensure that there is no risky buildup. Cleanings help to keep computer defenses strong.

7) Use reliable, professional tech support that you can trust.

If there’s a tech issue or concern, knowing that you have a regular, reliable, trustworthy tech resource is key. Too often people click a link or respond to a threat without contacting their professional tech advisor first. They react instinctively, in fear or confusion, and may or may not make the right choice. Having a trusted tech professional to contact and advise you makes all the difference. IT professionals can keep you from making a catastrophic mistake.


Bergen IT’s We Protect Plan

Bergen IT’s provides powerful tech support and security protection for its clients. Our We Protect computer support plan includes:

  • 24/7 enterprise-level antivirus/antimalware protection.
  • 24/7 computer monitoring
  • 24/7 email protection
  • security updates and patches
  • operating system updates
  • checkups & cleanings
  • safety reports
  • dark web reports
  • remote and on-site services


During this sensitive time, ensuring that your business and personal information are protected is essential. Your computers are the doorway to all that information. If it becomes compromised then access to storage – whether in the cloud or on the desktop – is at risk.

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