Summer is the season for relaxing, sight-seeing, and vacationing.

Okay, that may be true for your personal life. But your professional life probably demands your attention, no matter the season.

Here are 5 essential apps that will keep your business going while you’re on the road.


1. GoDocs is an app (run through Google) that allows you to store any important documents, photos, audio files, spreadsheets or PDFs that are vital to your business. If you download your documents while you have internet access, you’ll be able to open them later on, with or without Wi-Fi.

2. Print n Share enables you to connect your mobile device to any network printer. You’ll be able to print those expense reports in no time – whether you’re in New York or Paris.

3.  CamScanner is great if you’re traveling with an important document and the closest scanner is miles away. CamScanner takes a picture of your document and then transforms it into a high-quality, scanned document. You can turn it into a PDF and even add notations to it if you wish.

4.  Milog is perfect for tracking your business trips. It logs how many miles you’ve traveled and how much tolls, parking, and any other fees may have cost. Use this to help with reimbursement for business travel or for tax purposes.

5. Viber is a really useful app for the international business traveler. Viber allows you to place free calls or send free texts via Wi-Fi connection to anyone else who has downloaded Viber. Keep in touch with your colleagues and family members easily for free. Other free calling and messaging services are Tango and KakaoTalk.