Mother's Day Gift: Tech TutorialsLooking for a Mother’s Day gift? This year forget the flowers. Don’t spend big bucks on brunch in a crowded noisy restaurant. Instead, consider giving your mom the gift of technology knowledge, confidence, support, and security.

Do you have a mom, a mother-in-law, or even a grandmother that wants to use technology? Is she sometimes challenged, frustrated, or confused?

How often do you or someone in your family end up being her tech support?

Do you find that instead of having meaningful conversations or phone calls with your parents you’re mostly answering tech questions?

Is your patience is starting to fray?

Consider a Mother’s Day gift that will make both you and your mom happy.


Does Mom Need a Little Help?

Tech tools provide access to amazing opportunities and resources. In particular, they can open up the world for seniors. Technology allows family members to communicate with one another no matter how far apart they live. For those with limited mobility computers, tablets, phones, and the internet can mean freedom. These tech tools allow anyone to be: social, explore exotic places, shop, bank, even go to religious services – all without leaving home.

But it’s not always easy to figure out how to use all these devices. Especially when you didn’t grow up with them. And sometimes people don’t recognize when they are being scammed by a fraudulent “tech company.” All too often they give away their money or personal data.

Customized Mother’s Day Gift Certificates Available!

Bergen IT is offering the gift of safe, reliable, secure tech assistance and education for Mother’s Day. Our mantra is “We Speak Your Language. No Geek Speak.” And we specialize in patient, clear, human communication with our clients.

Customized, personalized Mother’s Day gift certificates are available. They can be used for such things as:

  • In-home assistance for a range of devices (computer, TV, tablet, phone, printer, etc)
  • Remote support – we’re just a phone call, email, or text away
  • TV or audio installation
  • Tutorials –easy-to-understand sessions on equipment, apps, and software
  • “Cheat Sheets” to help customers remember key info they learned in tutoring sessions.

Gifts can be for any number of pre-paid hours.

Here’s a selection of our Mother’s Day Specials:

  • ½ price for two hours of remote support
  • 1st month free when purchasing annual remote support plan.
  • 20% off annual quarterly cleaning plan
  • 10% off a one-time spring computer clean-up
  • 10% off on-site support or tech tutorial sessions
  • 10% off a multi-room audio or TV installation

Make Mom happy.

Make yourself happy.

Hurry and contact us today to get your Bergen IT Mother’s Day gift certificate.


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