Looking for a simple, inexpensive way to access radio stations around the globe? An Internet Radio could be the answer for you.


High quality speakers and receivers are all the rage right now. Sonos and similar products offer amazing access to music and other audio anywhere you live, play, and work.

While these products can be cost-effective, and the sound quality is excellent, they aren’t cheap. So what do you do if your budget is limited, your needs are simple, but you want better sound than what comes out of your laptop?

Time to consider getting an Internet Radio.


Internet Radio vs. Sonos

The truth is, there’s no comparison. An internet radio is unlike the Sonos speakers and receivers that are so commonly used today. Sonos – and similar products – are speakers made for multi-room use and for control from a smart phone or tablet.  However, you pay a premium for the advanced capabilities and quality sound of these systems. A receiver is intended to power multiple, good-sized speakers and have connectivity with turntables, CD players, and the like.

An internet radio is more like a traditional AM/FM tabletop radio of the ’80s or ’90s. Made for hands-on, personal use and easy tuning, these devices are built with tabletop usage in mind.

Internet radios generally have built-in speakers and buttons and knobs on their face for direct and manageable control.  The idea is for an internet radio to be simple, easy to use, and to operate in just the one room where it’s situated. As such, many radios have “preset” buttons. With one press of a button, you can connect to a specific internet radio station or streaming service immediately.

Internet Radio

Internet Radio vs AM/FM Radio

Internet radios aren’t just for local AM/FM radio stations. They are built to connect to radio stations all over the planet. You can listen to talk shows from Russia; soccer games in South Africa; K-Pop music direct from Korea; the opera season in Italy; the latest Bollywood songs from India.

And unlike smart speakers, you don’t have to fiddle with your phone to tune in to these stations. You can switch right from your local FM news station in the U.S. to a Japanese-rock station in Tokyo in just one turn or click. These devices also often include online radio/music services such as SeriousXM, Pandora, and iHeartRadio.

For anyone wanting to listen to all of international and internet radio in just one place, these are absolutely good choices.


Is an Internet Radio the Device for You?

If you enjoy listening to music or radio on a casual or daily basis, an internet radio is always a good choice. But it could be the ideal choice if you are any of the following:

– A Classic Radio Fan

– Have Low to Average Dexterity

– Interested in Foreign Language, Culture, or Music

– From a Different Country than Your Current Residence

– Want Easy or Simple Access to Radio and Music

– Have Trouble with Smart Phones

– Are in Assisted Living, a Hospital, or Other Care Facility

– Don’t Have the Budget for a Full Audio Setup

– Don’t Want a Full Audio Setup

– Enjoy Listening while Cooking, Eating, or Working from Home

– Have SeriousXM, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, etc.

– Are Interested in Radio or Music Streaming



Here are Bergen IT’s Internet Radio suggestions:




Grace Digital Mondo GDI-IRC6000

Grace Digital Mondo GDI-IRC6000

The Grace Digital Mondo GDI is the best bet for a low cost but reliable and fairly easy to use internet radio. It can hold up to 10 presets.  Grace has a long and good track record with tabletop radios and internet radios in particular. The GDI-IRC6000 continues that trend.

Cost: $99.99 on Amazon.



Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio


Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio

Sangean also has a good track record with these kinds of devices.  The Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio costs a little more and also works well.  The sound quality may not be quite as good as Grace’s, but its superior software, display, and battery life more than make up for that.

Cost: $114 on Amazon.


Ocean Digital WR233 Wi-Fi Internet Radio


Ocean Digital WR233 Wi-Fi Internet Radio

Another good choice is the Ocean Digital Wi-Fi Internet Radio WR233. Ocean Digital is fairly new to this market, but the WR233 gets mostly good reviews. Two key reasons: its simplicity and small size.

Cost: $97.99 on Amazon.


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