Whether you are listening to music, an audiobook, a podcast, or a self-recorded event, hearing it through a properly configured and carefully selected system can make a huge difference in clarity and sound quality.

Much of what you listen to these days comes through the internet or directly from your computer. But hearing the results over an audio system instead of through your computer speakers makes the experience much more enjoyable.

Listening for hours through your computer speakers, whether built-in or attached, is fatiguing to your ears, to your body, to your quality of life. Avoid irritability and headaches by streaming audio from your computer, tablet, phone, or iPod to a decent audio system.

If you do your listening in your home or home office, you don’t have to spend a tremendous amount to achieve great results. Take advantage of your existing stereo or home theater gear by streaming audio to them from your computer.

The simplest method is by running an audio cable from the headphone output on your computer to an auxiliary input on your audio system. The cable needs to have a mini-headphone connector on one end and a set of stereo RCA plugs on the other end. However, there are disadvantages to this solution:  1) the cable may have to be very long, and running it across the floor can be hazardous; 2) while the audio quality does improve dramatically, electrical and radio interference from the computer itself can distort or intrude on the sound.

Wireless methods exist, but will likely increase the possibility of noise and drop-outs in the listening experience.

A better option is to use audio streaming hardware such as the Logitech Squeezebox or the Sonos Connect. These make use of your home wired and/or wireless network to send audio from your computer to your sound system. You control what you’re listening to with an included remote, your computer, or even a smart phone.

The sound quality can be astounding, especially if you have a good, well configured sound system.

These solutions can be applied to your business office or your office’s conference room–assuming there are no limitations regarding use of the business computer network.

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