Outdoor SpeakersIt’s summertime, and we’re spending a lot of time outside. Investing in outdoor TVs and speakers can make a big difference in enjoying your time in sun and shade.

As you sit on the patio or deck with friends and family, why not listen to your favorite tunes pumping out at a better quality level than your old Boom Box can provide?

Enhanced sound quality – with improved bass – not only is heard better, it’s also more relaxing.


Investing in outdoor speakers can provide years of satisfaction. Typically these speakers are mounted to the outer wall of your home or placed at the edge of your outdoor seating area. They can be connected to your home stereo system. With the right remote control system, you can control playback and volume with a wireless remote, or even with your smart phone.

Speakers made by Yamaha, Niles, Polk , Klipsch, and PSB can provide very satisfying sound, starting at $100 a pair and going up to $600 or more. Of course, the less expensive models are generally smaller, so they tend to lack the rich bass tones that make music sound full and rich.

If you do not already use a wireless remote control system, those from URC and Logitech can give you great control and reliability. Some of their models offer secondary control using a smartphone app, which means you don’t always have to be looking for the remote. A good wireless remote system will cost at least $200, but its usefulness and flexibility makes it worthwhile.


Want to watch any kind of video – cable TV, DVD, YouTube, etc. – under the stars? There are outdoor televisions that can withstand rain, snow, and ice and present a picture bright enough to be seen on a sunny summer day.

Manufacturers such as SunBrite, Seura, and Skyvue produce all-weather televisions that do a remarkable job of displaying video outside throughout the year. Keep in mind that an outdoor TV will cost at least twice as much as one you are likely to consider for indoor use.

With the right combination of weather-hardened television and good outdoor speakers, your outdoor entertainment can be set for the whole day. You can even watch from the cool comfort of your pool.

Location Matters

The right equipment isn’t the only thing you need for a great audio and video experience in the great outdoors. The placement and configuration of the TV and speakers makes a huge difference in picture and sound quality–and your satisfaction.

Working with an installation expert ensures that you hear every word of dialog in a movie, and you see every frame of that movie clearly.

How Bergen IT Can Help

For patio, deck, and poolside entertainment we:

  • Do an analysis of your outdoor area, and consult with you to learn more about your audio and video interests and needs
  • Make recommendations for equipment (speakers, amps, TVs, universal remote control, cabling, etc.) and set-up
  • Install all wiring and equipment
  • Program remote controls
  • Ensure great picture and sound

Outside or inside, we’ve got you covered.

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