Are you getting the best sound and picture you can from your TV/surround sound or stereo system?  It’s amazing how much better your viewing or listening experience can be with just the right professional adjustments. Bergen IT’s Multimedia Tune-Up improves your audio and TV experience – and it’s tailored just for you.

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Bergen IT can help you get better sound and picture quality on your TV. We can improve the sound of your stereo.  No more mushy-mouthed on-screen conversations! With our Multimedia Tune-Up you’ll be able to hear the dialogue clearly in your favorite TV show or movie. And, by having better-defined bass you’ll be better able to distinguish between an explosion and a plane flying overhead.

You tell us the type of image your like to see, or the sound you like to hear, and then we make the adjustments you need.

Your TV or Stereo Set-Up for You

Many TVs are pre-set for demo or store mode. But each of us has particular viewing tastes. Picture quality can feel too bright, or too dim. Or, screen hues can either seem not vivid enough, or too vivid. Perhaps the picture is displaying with bars around it. Or the picture simply looks too small on the screen.
We make the adjustments you need whether the TV is for home or office use. We can set your TV for the picture quality you want. And we optimize for different types of use, such as cinema or gaming.

Similarly we can determine whether your audio equipment has limitations that are hindering sound quality. Or, perhaps speakers need to be moved, or equipment reconfigured or replaced, to improve and enhance the audio.

Why bother spending the time figuring this all out when a professional can do it for you?Turntable

Bergen IT’s Multimedia Tune-Up includes:
•    Speaker position analysis and upgrade advice
•    Turntable configuration examination and tuning, cartridge alignment, and stylus check
•    Speaker and interconnect cable analysis and upgrade advice
•    TV picture settings reconfiguration and fine-tuning
•    Recommendations for equipment upgrades and replacements

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