bill_gatesDid you actually backup your data before Hurricane Sandy swept into the East Coast Monday and Tuesday? If you did, was it to an attached flash drive or external hard drive? Or was it to an online backup service like SOSOnlineBackup, Mozy, or Carbonite?

In these days of all things digital, it’s important to have redundant copies of all valuable data: documents, e-mail, pictures, music, etc. That’s why backing up to just one place just isn’t good enough. I believe strongly in the “belt and suspenders” method of backup, meaning backup to at least one local device (flash drive or external hard drive) as well as to an online backup service. I go beyond this by replicating my data across multiple computers – if one goes down I can continue with the other without missing a beat.

When it comes to e-mail, you can’t count on your e-mail provider to save all your mail through the months and years. All the major services have suffered failures from time to time, and people have lost their mail. So go ahead and use Outlook or Thunderbird so you have your e-mail in more than one place. When catastrophe strikes you’ll be glad you established good backup procedures so you don’t have to worry that your business data or personal data is lost..forever.

With careful planning you can avoid a data disaster. I can’t say it enough: back up early and often, in as many places as possible.

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