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Looking for a durable, powerful, easy-to-use laptop to fit your business and travel needs? Look no further! Here’s Bergen IT’s list of recommendations for great business laptops, just in time for the holidays.

HP ProBook 6oo Models

HP’s line of business notebooks is called the ProBook. HP unveiled their latest model, the ProBook 600, just last month. They are the next generation of HP’s ProBook 400 models, which came out earlier in the year, but were not as light or as fast as expected.

These new models have 1080 HD graphics and LED lighting with anti-glare screens. The laptops also have Intel iCore processors, which means programs will run very efficiently. The ProBook 655 G1 model is about 20% thinner than the ProBook 400 models, so it should be easy to transport.

These computers are workhorses—dependable, without breaking the bank.

You can buy one of the ProBooks for around $700.

HP ProBook Model

HP ProBook Model

Lenovo Thinkpad T Series

Lenovos are built to last. They are strong and sturdy and will last you for years longer than most other notebooks. If you’re looking for a beautiful, sleek design, look elsewhere. These computers resemble laptops from the 90s. But their insides are a modern tech lover’s wonderland.

We love Lenovo Thinkpads because of how they’re made: the keyboard is very comfortable, the battery life is excellent, and performance is fast. Newer Thinkpads (440 models and on) are outfitted with Intel 7 Processors, HD+ display, and LED lighting. They have 500GB hard drives, run on Windows 8 and have Bluetooth capability.

These notebooks normally cost around $1,200, but look for discounts on Lenovo’s website.

Lenovo Thinkpad Model

Lenovo Thinkpad Model

Asus Pro B Models

Asus’s Pro B laptops are middle-of-the-line, standard business computers that give you a solid bang for your buck. These perform just as well as HP and Dell business notebooks but at a better price.

The Pro B53V, and higher models in the pro series, boast a long-lasting battery life and excellent HD graphics. This makes it perfect for presentations and videos. The laptop’s design is sleek with soft metallic features.

However, the computer’s hard drive is known to be on the slower side and the keyboard rest doesn’t feel incredibly solid. If you’re a prolific writer or a heavy gamer, consider a different notebook. The Pro B53V operates on Windows 7, has an Intel iCore processor–built in Bluetooth technology–and 6 GB of RAM.

You can get the Asus Pro B53V for around $600.

Asus Pro Model

Asus Pro Model