Why spend a hot summer day at the beach when you can build a house in Paterson, NJ with Habitat for Humanity?Bergen IT_Paterson Habitat for Humanity

The Bergen IT LLC team participated in a Paterson Habitat for Humanity build this August. The heat and humidity were no match for us!

We learned a lot about the organization and the community through this experience. And along the way we strengthened our own teamwork.

“If I Had a Hammer…”

We sawed and drilled, and dug, and lugged. Within a few hours we saw real progress: an outdoor deck on the 2nd floor nearly completed; the stairs up to that deck from the backyard were well underway.

Elsewhere in the house a group of employees from a large corporation worked on the garage and the bedrooms.

This house will be a beautiful home for a family later this fall.

Paterson, NJ & Habitat for Humanity

Bergen IT_Paterson Habitat for Humanity, NJPaterson, NJ, the 3rd-largest city by population in NJ, is just over the border from Bergen County. And yet it feels like a world away. The city’s infrastructure and its residents face daunting challenges. But there’s also growth and potential in this culturally diverse city.

Paterson Habitat for Humanity focuses on developing affordable, quality housing for hard-working residents. House-by-house and block-by-block, Habitat’s aim is to stabilize the living situation for families, and make neighborhoods safe.

We learned a great deal about Habitat and Paterson. And we fortified our ability to work together as a team. Bergen IT looks forward to the next opportunity to help. Want to join us?

There are many ways to volunteer for Paterson Habitat for Humanity. You don’t just have to wield a hammer. It’s possible to help as an Bergen IT_Paterson Habitat for Humanity, New Jerseyindividual, or as a business of any size. For more info go to:


Or Call: 973-595-6868


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