imagesTech scams are all-too-commonplace. It’s important to have tech support that you know and trust. Here’s a story that demonstrates why.

Jim has been retired for some time and enjoys a quiet life with his wife in Franklin Lakes, NJ.  Now in his eighties, Jim spends a good amount of time reading, writing, and researching on the web.

Scams often Start with a Phone Call

Last weekend, Jim got a call.  The man on the phone said that his company works with Microsoft. He stated that there was a serious virus on Jim’s computer.  If Jim did not act immediately, he was told, he could lose all the data on his computer. In addition, other computers in his home would soon be infected.

This was scary news. Jim willingly gave his debit card information to the caller, who charged him $1,400.  Relieved, Jim allowed the caller to remotely access his computer to “fix” the problem.

Later that day Jim told his wife, Mary, about the call. His thinking: that her computer should also be “fixed” by the same people who had fixed his computer.  Mary was suspicious. She told Jim he should take his computer to the Apple store to be checked.  Apple’s prognosis: that the computer was too compromised and too old to fix without great expense. Jim now needed a new computer.

Judy also called Bergen IT, and explained the story to us.  We immediately told her that this call was a scam. We urged that she and Jim contact their bank right away and see if anything could be done to stop the payment, and to report the incident to the police.

Scams often Include Equipment Tampering

When we checked the router and Mary’s computer, it was apparent that indeed the router had been reset. In addition, a remote access program had been installed on her computer.  We secured the router, making sure everything was password protected. We also removed the remote access program from her MacBook Pro.  In addition, we installed Sophos Antivirus for Mac and ran a scan to ensure there were no infections living on the computer.

Scammers are out there. They are working, all the time. They are in countries all over the world, and they know how to contact you. Scammers don’t care how nice, how old, or how needy you are. They want to trick you out of your money and your personal or business data.

Do not give anyone remote access to your computer unless you trust them. And specifically, do not give access or payment to someone who says they are from Microsoft. They are not.


Tech Support you can Trust

It’s important to have access to professional tech support that you can trust. That way, should you ever get a call from  someone unfamiliar, you can check with your professional resource.

We talked with Jim and Mary about scams like this so that they are prepared in the future. They know they can call us if they have the slightest suspicion someone is trying to hoodwink them.

And when Jim gets a new computer from Apple, we’ll be back to ensure that his computer is properly protected.

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