These days a good deal of your life and your business actually resides on your computer(s).

It’s wonderful to have so much power within your grasp. But the downside is that a computer crash or on-site calamity can result in disaster for your family or business.

If you want to keep your memories (pictures, videos, music, documents) or business data safe, it is imperative that you have it all backed up. We refer to the “belt-and-suspenders” methodology of backup: local and in the cloud.

For local backup, if you use only one or two computers, attaching an external hard drive to a USB port and using your operating system’s built-in backup system (Windows Backup or Apple’s Time Machine) can do the trick.

If you have two or more computers that need backup, using a NAS (network attached storage) drive is the best bet.

Bergen IT now offers cloud-based backup at reasonable prices. Our nationally-based back-up service is acclaimed for its reliability and safety. And we can provide this service to you at a discount rate.

Having two levels of data protection ensures that your valuable information is safe.

Talk to us about the best way to ensure your data is protected, no matter how bad the storm.

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