Wiring Diagram

We were recently asked to install a multi-room audio system (primarily for background music) in a New York City apartment undergoing renovation. There’s been lots of great discussion and planning with the client.  Speakers, amplifiers, and sources are worked out room by room. A wiring diagram such as the one shown at the right shows an electrician exactly where speaker cable, CAT5 network cable, and coax cable TV cable originates and terminates.



Polk Audio RC65iFor this job we’ve recommended the Polk Audio RC65i speaker for recessed mounting in a ceiling or wall. It’s perfect for background music their kitchen and the master bath. There are many good speaker choices out there. But this speaker hits the budget and decor requirements of the client, as well as his sonic needs.  We always try to strike a balance between acoustic, decorative, and architectural designs, and the client’s budget.  Discussions with the client, architect, and interior decorator are often on-going throughout the project.


Gallo Adiva Wall MountedThe apartment is in a vintage building with brick or cinderblock outer walls, and interior walls of either plaster-and-lathing or cinder-block. As a consequence, recessing speakers into the wall can’t happen in many of the rooms so we’re wall-mounting speakers in multiple locations.  Not surprisingly, the client and interior decorator want the speakers to be unobtrusive.  So, we’ve selected the Gallo A’Diva SE speaker, which is a tiny 5″ sphere that produces surprisingly natural and open sound and more depth than one would typically expect given its size.  Mounted close to a room’s corners, bass is emphasized and great for most listening.




The client is already using Sonos for amplification and music sourcing, so his existing equipment is incorporated into the design and installation of this system.  Each Sonos Connect:Amp controls and powers one pair of speakers.

The Connect:Amps will be linked into “zones” and given appropriate zone names such as Kitchen or Living Room.  The result: music can be streamed into any zone – with full volume and musical selection control – from iTunes or any other digital store of music– including streaming internet radio stations and services such as Pandora.

The Sonos system is wireless, so we will also use network cable to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity.

However since remote control of the system will be via smartphone or tablet–and thus wireless–setting up a strong wireless network in the apartment is essential.

When this project is completed, the client will have a beautiful apartment  filled with beautiful music.



Talk to us at solutions@bergenit.net or 201-689-1823 if you’re interested in hearing music in more than one room in your home or office.