Some of the best and the brightest become lawyers. But even those lawyers could use a bit of help from the latest technology. Check out these apps to help you navigate this ever-changing world while you’re on the go, from client to client and from work to home.


1. Fastcase – This is an app that gives attorneys a wide range of access to cases, court rules, constitutions, etc. It includes a comprehensive keyword search engine which enables the user to find information more quickly and easily. To find out more information, click here. Available for the iPhone.

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2. PocketJustice – PocketJustice gives the user a brief overview of U.S. Supreme Court decisions with descriptions in plain English. What distinguishes PocketJustice from many other apps for attorneys is that it provides play-by-play transcripts and audio segments from cases. Learn more here. Available for the iPhone and Android.

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3. Law Ratchet – This is a wonderful resource for finding out the latest in the world of law. Choose a category, and Law Ratchet will narrow down the most important news for you and your firm to know. It pulls information from all over the internet and helps you hone in on the latest legal information that is important to you. Find out more here. Available on iPad and iPhone 5.

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4. The Law Guide/Dictionary – This app provides its users terms that all lawyers and law students need to know. It is an extensive dictionary with quick search and bookmarking capabilities. Learn more here. Available for the iPhone and Android.

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5. CamScanner – We love this app. Camscanner is great if you’re traveling with an important document and the closest scanner is miles away. CamScanner takes a picture of your document and then transforms it into a high-quality, scanned document. You can turn it into a PDF and even add notations to it if you wish. For more information, click here.

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