Can’t quite get the knack of that new smartphone you bought?

Your goal when you purchased it was to communicate more immediately with business colleagues and clients, read documents, search the web, get e-mail, and do some banking. But like many people, you might find yourself struggling as you try to figure it out. Periodically you ask a friend or a teenager for help or tips. Your friends will know this or that. And a teenager will do it for you with blinding speed. But in the end you’re still left a little confused. More importantly, you’re only leveraging a small percentage of the power and capability of this hand-held computer.

Many people invest in the latest and most essential technology. But what they sometimes don’t realize is that a small additional investment in training will ultimately result in saving significant money and time. More knowledge also expands the ways that you can make use of the equipment and software – which can lead to additional revenue or greater productivity.

How much is your time worth? Often it is cheaper to get personal training than to spend hours and hours trying to figure out the technology that’s supposed to make things better and easier for you.  A good trainer marries the concepts necessary to understand how to use the technology with the practical steps for learning and using it.

Also critical is that a strong trainer will focus on the particular needs of you and your business. There is so much to know that it’s essential that they de-emphasize aspects of the equipment or software that are of less importance or interest and concentrate on the areas that are functionally necessary and valuable.

If you own a business and you need employees to learn new technology quickly, classroom or group training is the way to go.  Whether it’s mastering Microsoft Office 2013 or using a tablet for data input in the field, group training ensures that all employees are on the same page.  If a unique or custom application needs to be taught, a professional trainer can learn the software and its idiosyncrasies and develop appropriate lessons, hand-outs, and – if needed – manuals and/or quickcards.

Why struggle when you can save hours and hours of time with effective training?

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