Logitech Alert SystemNeed to know what’s happening in your home or office when you’re not there?  A camera-based security system usually is the answer.  But for many consumers or small offices, elaborate professional systems installed by high-priced security professionals can be unaffordable.

Logitech has now stepped into the security system realm with affordable indoor and outdoor systems that won’t break the bank.

The company has had webcams in its technology arsenal for some time. But now Logitech offers both HD and night-vision indoor and outdoor cameras for security.  These cameras connect to your router and can be controlled:

  • by a computer on the premises
  • through a web interface from anywhere in the world
  • even by a smartphone app.

You can zoom and pan and record, making adjustments whenever you’d like.

The security system includes motion detection technology, so recording only occurs when there is movement in the room, which saves on storage space and review time.  Recorded video can be delivered to any specified computer on the premises as well as to SD cards in the cameras themselves.  In addition, e-mail alerts can be sent if movement is detected at an hour when no-one should be in a room or on the grounds.

The Logitech Alert systems are designed to eliminate the need for high-priced security company installation and maintenance. So, if you are comfortable with computer technology and networking, you can try to handle it yourself. But if you want to save time and aggravation, hiring a quality technology professional to do the job is a good idea.

Does a simplified and automated security system like Logitech’s Alert take the place of a professional security system?  That depends upon your needs and expectations.  If you want a security company to monitor, report, and even call the police or fire department for you, then this is not the system you should get.  But if you simply need to know what’s going on when you’re not around, and want a record of events, then this could be just what you’re looking for.

Bergen IT can put together a Logitech Alert system that works for you. We’ll install and configure the equipment to meet the specifications for your home or business, and do it at an affordable price.

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