One of the best ways to keep your computer running smoothly, efficiently, and safely is to get regular Computer HealthChecks.

Computers are the doorway to a world of information. They operate at lightening speed over the course of hours, months, and years collecting, sorting, and distributing a huge volume of data and information. But if a computer is not periodically checked and cleaned up, it’s performance will degrade. That’s because lots of junk can get swept along with the valuable information. That junk starts to clog up the data pipeline, and the computer will become increasingly slow. After a while it may not accept updates. And if it’s not getting regular security patches and updates then the computer will become increasingly vulnerable to viruses and infections.

In addition, over time a computer may start to develop hardware or operating system issues. This will go undetected by the regular user until one sad day the hard drive crashes or the operating system fails. Regular professional reviews will likely detect an oncoming problem before it becomes critical.

Computers Need Cleaning – Just Like Hands & Cars

Most people understand the importance of regularly cleaning hands, teeth, and hair, They recognize the need for periodic health checks by a professional. Cars get regular oil changes, and tune-ups in order to run more efficiently, and avoid major problems down the road.

Computers are no different from people or cars in the sense that they need to be cared for and maintained in order to keep working well. Left unchecked over time a computer will not work as well, and could increase risk.

Bergen IT’s professionals will review your computers on a regular basis to make sure they are running safely and well.

Bergen IT’s Computer HealthCheck Program

Our Computer HealthCheck maintenance program includes the following:

  • Preventative Hard Drive Cleanup
  • Removal of Junk Files & Other Potential Threats
  • Security Updates & Patches
  • Safety Scans
  • Operating System Check & Repair

It is critical to clean out data detritus and junk regularly. Without regular inspection, cleaning, and upgrades, a computer will become less efficient, and more vulnerable to infections and viruses,

Don’t let that happen. Call us today.

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