Many pundits and some technology companies believe so. HP, the largest computer manufacturer today,  is getting out of the PC business and focusing on technology services.

Tablets and smartphones can certainly supplant standard computers on the consumer side, since most home-based computer is fairly straightforward and undemanding – web browsing, e-mail, reading, light gaming, and watching video is usually the extent of it. Those demanding the power of the personal computer, be it OSX- or Windows-based, are dedicated gamers and businesses. Some business functionality can be met by a tablet, but much of it remains in the realm of the PC.

Take stock of your needs today. Play with current tablets; can they meet your needs today? Very likely, they can do so only to a small extent. Tomorrow? Increasingly, yes, but it will take time for the power of the personal computer to migrate to the tablet and its offspring. Don’t count out the PC yet – it still has a good deal of life in it, especially on the business side.

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