MC Hammer’s new search engine announcement is raising eyebrows across the punditscape. As it should. No matter who is entering the search engine game at this time, the 6 million pound gorilla in the room is certainly Google. Even Microsoft is struggling to make Bing a creditable competitor. What does Stanley K. Burrell (alias MC Hammer) touting that could change the search game?

WireDoo is a relationship-driven engine. As Burrell explains, “The engine crawls and the algorithm are designed in a way to get all the related information to your query, then package it consistently in one environment…. It’s kind of thinking the way you would think. If it’s a car… it’s not just about the word ‘car.’ It’s about insurance, it’s about the specs, it’s about mileage, it’s about style. It’s about all these things, so that’s the way it works.” WireDoo’s tagline is  “Search once and see what’s related.”

While Burrell has extensive experience in social media, does he and his tech crew have the skills and marketing prowess to make WireDoo a success? On its own, probably not. But in partnership with another company, even Google, it may have a future.

The launch date is in December.

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