A new client, a manufacturing concern in Teterboro, NJ, gave us a call last week with a plea for help. Their office computer wasn’t booting into Windows and they needed client files right away. When we visited the company we found a lone PC with a trashed hard drive and no backups anywhere. They were essentially dead in the water unless the data could be recovered.

Fortunately Bergen IT has partnered with DriveSavers and we were able to expedite data recovery (at a reduced price) immediately. While most of the data could be restored, the cost was high not only for the service but for the lost time and work.

No business today can afford to skimp on data protection. It’s important to have a data protection plan in place and implemented to protect it from accident, viruses, malware, or hacking. Bergen IT can make monthly checkups to ensure your data is safe and backed up both on-site and remotely. And you’ll be able to sleep well at night.

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