A presentation on  The Future of Digital: 2013 by Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget offers some insights on the the fast-paced evolution of technology. Not long ago the PC was the dominant computing tool. But now, smart phones and tablets are on the rise. The result? Most of us now function in a multi-screen, more mobile, world.

It's Now a Multi-Screen World.

It’s Now a Multi-Screen World.

Some highlights:

  • Nearly 3 Billion people are now online around the world
  • Approximately 60% of online devices are now smartphones or tablets
  • While smart phone sales are slowing in the U.S., tablet sales are continuing to double
  • Approximately 250 million tablets will ship in 2013
  • Tablets are eating into PC sales
  • Mobile use is expanding for web-surfing, video, music
  • Consumer purchases via mobile devices are increasing
  • Tablet, Mobile device, and Computer all have a different “prime time” during the day
  • Digital now accounts for 25% of total U.S. advertising
  • Digital advertising is now bigger than TV

And with Smart TVs, Wearable Devices such as Smart Glasses and Watches, and a move towards fully-Networked homes, technology will continue becoming  ever-more present in our lives. Whether you are in business or a consumer, the key is to stay focused on what your needs are and how best to use the technology – rather than have the technology use you. To see the full slidedeck of Blodget’s presentation go to: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-future-of-digital-2013-2013-11#